What and Who is Petite?

The word ‘petite’ is derived from the feminine form of ‘little’ from the French language.In the fashion industry, ‘petite’ is applied to any woman whose height is 5’3” (160cm) and under.

However, this does not mean that there is a ‘one size fits all’ in regards to this terminology – all women are unique in proportions and this applies to petite women too. Petite is simply an indicator of height. 

How is petite dresses different?

Common observations made by petite women when wearing more readily available, regular sized clothing can be as follows: sagging hems, general feeling of frumpiness, and feeling like you have been swamped by your clothes. 

A well-designed petite garment is cut proportionally to fit and flatter a shorter frame, taking into account many petite specific design details such as; narrower shoulders, smaller wrists/ ankles, and a shorter torso. Doing this means that clothing designs appear closer to the proposed fit on a petite body.

Can taller women dress in petite clothing?

If you are taller than the standard petite height of 5’3” but you often find shirts, sleeves, and trouser legs to be too long, or darts sitting incorrectly to where they are meant to be on they body, you should absolutely give petite sized clothing a try.

Many taller women may need to wear petite tops or bottoms in order to get the desired fit in proportion to their own body – as we’ve said before, women come in all shapes and sizes! We all deserve to have the perfect fit on our outfits.


Do petite women have to stay away from certain Clothing styles?

Fashion has no set rules and as such, women should absolutely express their style in any way that they wish. With that being said, petite clothing is specifically designed to compliment smaller proportions, so don’t feel that you cannot wear a style as it’s not perceived to be for you.