ABOUT the founder

Hello! This is Roshna, the petite behind PetiteEdits. 

Many years back, in another life I worked in the city in banking and finance. Naturally, I wanted to look and feel good in what I was wearing. However, this seemed to be elusive – I could not quite figure out why but I didn’t pay too much attention and carried on ‘making do’.

Years later, clarity and the scale of the problem dawned on me, when I had moved towards founding and running a retro-inspired clothing boutique in London. I witnessed thousands of women in all beautiful shapes and sizes – talking to them, styling them and discussing the fit on readymade clothes. I realised more than 50% of the women seemed to be 5’3″ or under in height – what is known as petite. 

My team and I were constantly giving alteration and styling tips to disguise clothing that could not be altered. The standard mannequins we used to display the clothes were a lot also a taller compared to myself and the women who were buying the items. During this time, I noticed things such as armholes that were too big – showing bra straps and dart detailing meant to sit on bust or hips falling far below the intended area.

Perhaps the most annoying thing to me was trousers or jumpsuits that would fit around the waist with inseams/ leg length that could be shortened easily but it would still leave too much material around the crotch region. 

After years of having fun running the boutique and learning so much in the process, I then worked in the Marks & Spencer ‘s womenswear for a year, which further confirmed what I had already known from my experience from the boutique. That even though us petites are spending the same amount of money to buy clothing, we are either having to spend more time and money on alteration or walking around making do with ill fitting clothes.As most brands do not give retail floor space to petite sizes it is not common knowledge to look for clothing in petite sizes either!

So, here I am today, with petiteedits.com that pools together available petite clothing from partner brands in one place so we us petites too have a wealth of choice .

This endeavour has been a labour of love so far and what I wished had already existed when I was spending so much time scouring different brands and their websites to find things that fit better.

I hope this will be as useful to you as it has been for many petites thus far.