5’3” or under? We know the pain.

Have you ever found yourself feeling frustrated at the lack of options for petite women? Especially when you consider the infinite number of styles and designs that are available on the highstreet. It just never seems to fit you the way it’s meant to. Straps and hems are too long while arm holes are too big. Forget about wearing a midi skirt or maxi dress – there’s too much fabric. Even the placement of designs may appear off because they don’t land in the intended location on your body!

Petite Edits aims to help ease the pain that arises from shopping on mainstream eCommerce brands by partnering with high street, independent and luxury brands to offer you bespoke collections of clothing that are specifically tailored to us fabulous petites! We have carefully curated pieces that remain both in season and on trend, so that you never have to feel like you’re sacrificing style for fit. Afterall, us petite fashionistas deserve to have the same choices as those who can happily shop from the ‘main collection’. 

You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit, so why compromise on the rest of your outfit? Especially when the likelihood is that any new garms will end up hanging in the back of your closet because it doesn’t look ‘right’ or spending months at a tailor only for it to be off trend by the time you get it back. 

Let Petite Edits offer you new styles that not only flatter your proportions, but also make you feel great too!

Join our community of fashion lovers – where we’ll be posting our style staples and recommendations. The best part is that they’re all tried and tested by petites. 


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